5 Ways to Determine if Your Online Dating Membership is Worth Your Time


5 Ways to Determine if Your Online Dating Membership is Worth Your Time

Here are 5 ways to assess whether your online dating membership is taking you further away from meeting “the one:”

1. High number of fake profiles that are uploaded/created by the company or other users
Ex. In a recent lawsuit for $1.5 billion by a model suing one of the top online dating websites, she is claiming 200 fake profiles appear on the website itself, as well as on its affiliate sites, and have utilized her photos and other undisclosed number of fake profiles using images of celebrities with the aim to defraud real users. However, it’s well-known that many online dating sites use fake profiles of attractive users to lure in new members. Research your online dating provider before laying out your hard earned dollars.

2. Pushes “elite” services for those that can or are willing to pay for the exorbitant costs or offers tier membership options
Ex. Many companies will force you to pay more and more to access newly released features versus allowing their already paying clients the benefit of these services. Perhaps, you have heard of special products unveiled by your provider? One is recently reported to offer facial recognition software that determines your best choices based on the facial structure of your past ex-partners for a hefty price tag in the thousands, which includes some matchmaking services. Enough said there.

3. Constant influx of x-rated messages from other users
Ex. If you are looking for true love, ditch a website that is filled with users that overflow your inbox with offensive material. Many free sites and apps appeal to users that prefer casual, hookup dating. Your best bet in your search for love would be to join a site that offers a flat-rate that allows unrestricted access to paying clients.

4. Lack of website cleanup by the company
Ex. They’ve got your money and yet they continue to let spam and inactive profiles slip by in an effort to increase their inflated member numbers for advertising benefit. Get to know your site by searching for articles related to your specific company and then reevaluate your membership.

5. Your profile is based on your stats, answers to exhaustive personality questions, and a useless list of hobbies — that’s it.
Ex. Any website that purports to help you find your true love should spend more effort in assisting its users with creating authentic profiles that show who they really are in daily life. This is in direct contrast to the commonality in dating sites amassing hoards of profiles filled with information that is unlikely to increase your chances of making a connection on a date. How many first date-last dates have you had, based on your dating site’s recommendations, because the chemistry just wasn’t there? You must ask yourself — does my dating site and its model truly work?


As an ending suggestion, and this may sound odd as everyone tells you to go after the sites with millions of members, try new and upcoming niche sites. Some of those newbies and indies may be more inclined and idealistic in their aim to connect people for the purpose of finding a loving relationship. Still, be wary, if any site, new or old, falls under these 5 red flags.


-If your dating site features a large amount of highly attractive people in your area or bombards you with messages from other “users” right around your sign-up phase and near your subscription expiration date, beware as it’s likely a ploy enacted by the company to keep your dollars rolling in.

-Joining a paid membership site is better than an all-free site, provided you’re looking for a serious relationship.

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