Why Missed Connections Seem to be Increasing

The random, exciting moment of the missed connection is happening more often, but why?

The random, exciting moment of the missed connection is happening more often, but why?

Ah, the magical missed connection that leaves you suffering from the resounding, “what if.” The prevalence of missed connections seems to be increasing based on the observation that the number of missed connections posts are increasing. This is not to say that every missed connection results in a post. Many people are unaware of the sites that offer this section. And, if they do know about them, these individuals are understandably wary of answering a post on these sites or apps as their credibility and safety is sketchy at best. Nonetheless, if the number of missed connections are increasing, is it a coincidence or is it something more?

Missed Connections are on the Rise

More people today than ever before know about the phenomenon of missed connections, despite their historical beginnings. Even the ones that are unfamiliar with this exact terminology report having had such an experience. In the preliminary results of Peeksi.com’s Love and Dating Questionnaire, 74% of respondents indicated they experienced a missed connection.

Why are Missed Connections Increasing?

So, why are we seeing a higher incidence of missed connections being posted in personal ads sections? Is it because our social skills are declining, and, while we still notice that stunner across the room, we are much less likely to approach, because we simply aren’t used to communicating verbally as we once were? We rely so heavily on the written word today and shy away from face-to-face conversation, whether it’s in 150 characters or a simple five word text. It stands to reason that just as we are hesitant to approach someone with whom we shared an electrified moment of glances and smiles, an admirer may not stop you, because of great discomfort at the thought of an unplanned verbal exchange and a similar fear of rejection. Yet, you take notice and are noticed just the same. With that, it makes sense that missed connections posts appear to be surging. We experience that connection and we feel at ease taking it online versus exploring it right then and there.

One Problem with Missed Connection Posts

Anonymity. It’s too bad that what is currently being offered for posting a missed connection affords the poster anonymity, which is exactly what you don’t want. If you see a missed connection post that seems to describe a moment you just shared with someone the day before, you want to be certain it’s that person. You want to see his face and maybe get to know a little about him. Sure, you had an instant attraction to one another (which is more than the 20 dates you’ve been on from your online dating site), but it would be great to know if he is as magnificent as that snippet in time when it seemed like there was no one else in the world but you two. We here at Peeksi.com get that and we are working on giving you that space that opportunity to turn a missed connection into a date and, hopefully, into a lifetime love.

The Not-Too-Distant Future of Missed Connections

Missed connections guarantee chemistry at the onset and profiles with in-house messaging allow you to explore a connection you already experienced in real life without flying blind in weird, awkward first dates. At Peeksi.com, we understand that you love your online world and want to give you the chance to find love where you feel most comfortable within a community of others that see the possible in the impossible. We bring the outside in!



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