The Missed Connection

Have you ever had a missed connection?

Have you ever had a missed connection?

You are going about your day walking along with nothing special drawing your attention, until you lock eyes with someone spectacular. Everyone and everything else dims and all you can see is that stunner smiling your way. Do you say something or do you have a missed connection?

What is a missed connection?

It’s a random moment shared by two people when their eyes connect, their hearts race and smiles are exchanged, but nothing is said. It can happen anywhere at anytime with someone you don’t know or with someone you know personally or professionally.

Have you ever had a missed connection?

According to the preliminary results from the Peeksi Questionnaire, 73% of people responded that they indeed had a missed connection in the past. Whether they were knew that a missed connection can occur with someone they personally or professionally know is unclear, which may have increased the percentage had it been defined in that manner.

What do you do when you have a missed connection? 

By definition, you do nothing. The moment is experienced and lost. You are left with the pounding, “what if,” knocking around your mind and tend to be regretful for not doing more to see what might have happened. Soon, there will be a website for you to use in order to reach out to your missed connection via, so stay tuned and keep your hopes up until you can connect!

cropped-peeksi-logo-31.png The place where missed connections and online dating meet by bringing the outside in. Launch is just around the bend!


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