Quick Safety Tip for Online Dating

Retrieved via Pinterest

Retrieved via Pinterest

Quick Safety Tip for Online Dating

To promote safety, a general guide should be followed when online dating or offline dating. Each time you get behind the wheel of a car, you risk injury, but you take precautions to minimize the risk. Same as walking out to your car when leaving a store at night — you should take precautions. Dating is no different. Precautions must be taken to keep you safe, just as with other activities in which you engage.

One helpful precaution with online dating is to use reverse image searches to ensure the profile picture you are seeing hasn’t been reproduced from somewhere else online. “How do I do this?” you wonder. Today, we will go over two helpful tools to accomplish reverse image searches.

First is Google Images. Type “Google Images” into your search engine to find the appropriate link. Once you land on the page, you will see a search bar that has a camera image next to it. Click the camera and upload the photo for which you want to search. It will then give you a list of every place this image can be viewed online.

Second up is Tineye.com. Go straight to the website and it is pretty simple. Upload the image for which you want to search and Tineye.com will provide a list of where this image is located online.

And, even if you don’t find the image through a reverse image search, do not fall into a false sense of safety. You still need to be on toes for any type of deception. Just like you practice safety while driving and shopping, you must practice safety while online dating.

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