About the Blog for Peeksi.com

This blog is meant to introduce you to the new dating website, Peeksi.com, and also provide informative articles on missed connections, online dating, falling in love, and relationships.

The founder of Peeksi.com envisioned a new, innovative way to approach dating in today’s world where so much of our time is spent online. The time we spend offline is fleeting and valuable to us, but it can be used wisely to create a love connection if we simply look up from our devices and allow love to occur naturally.

Once this connection is made, the online sphere that we have come to integrate into our daily lives can help us reach-out and safely explore, on our own terms, a connection that has already proven to make our heart race and our spirit soar.

Forever gone are the days of never connecting with that special someone again, whether that is from merely a glance and exchange of smiles in a grocery store or a love long ago lost. It’s DIY love time…are you ready?

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4 thoughts on “About the Blog for Peeksi.com

  1. This website brings back a poem from my youth…Carl Sandburg’s “Little Word: Little White Bird”…beautiful and joyous and compelling! 🙂 thank you!

    • Thank you for the thumbs up! =)

      I think that Sandburg was right in every aspect of his symbolism for love. Love is taken into the heart and when we give back out into the world, it takes whatever form we choose…a flamingo, elephant, etc. Though, when love first approaches us, it is a whisper in our ear that makes us turn to see where it is coming from ❤

      Thank you for the comment!!!

  2. Love the concept and content! You’ve also created a very visually appealing site — a rare find in the online dating world, which is get less joyous and pop-y and more streamlined and mechanical.

    • Thank you for your compliment! We’re striving to bring excitement and romance to meeting someone new, whether that be online or offline. Why should we be reduced to stats and hobbies? Let’s highlight the element of falling in love and erase the feeling that online dating is like shopping at the grocery store.

      We’d love to inform you when we launch in the next month, if you would be up to taking a look at the site.

      Best Wishes!

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