Which Online Dating Websites or Apps Stink to You?

While roses may still smell sweet if they had another name, some online dating sites may be malodorous and all are as different as their names.

While roses may still smell sweet if they had another name, some online dating sites may be malodorous and all are as different as their names.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” – Rome and Juliet, Shakespeare

Should it matter where someone meets their love? Online dating was of the frowned upon sort for meeting someone, until recent years. Through its widely spread popularity today, it has evolved into a more acceptable mode of finding love.

Though, is that true for every type of online method for meeting someone? Of course, you’d have to be crazier than a bubble flying into a cactus field than to admit you met on, “Cheaters Need Love, Too.” (That was a joke and, no, that site doesn’t actually exist…I don’t think) Yet, what about the ones that aren’t as blatantly risqué? Would you do a double-take if someone told you his/her relationship started online or would it depend on which site or app brought the two lovebirds together?

Consider these instances and ponder how you would react in these scenarios:

  1. If your newest friend remarks, “I met my husband on eHarmony,” do you turn your head sideways or are you pleasantly intrigued to hear the story? Chances are you wouldn’t mind hearing how this pairing came to be.
  2. Your best buddy says, “I met this girl on Plenty of Fish and we have a date on Friday.” Do you think it definitely won’t work out or are you wondering if you’ll be crowned best man? You are most likely thinking that it will be short-term at best or, more probable, a dud at first sight.
  3. How about this one from a coworker, “I met my wife on Craigslist,” do you stare at them like you would a car accident and struggle to come up with a polite response or are you excited to hear the deets (for innocent reasons only, not because you want to see if it’s blog post worthy)?

While online dating has come a very long way, a mere handful are suitable for the retelling of a romantic start. From time to time, it’s joked on Craigslist’s ads that if the person manages to find love in that forum a fake story would need to be concocted to cover up where they actually met. Free online dating sites are no different. The reasoning behind our skepticism is simple: if someone isn’t working to find love online (i.e. paying), that person is not looking for a serious relationship. Are we wrong in our logic? Can’t someone find love anywhere, the grocery store, a family party, a sports event, an online dating site, an app? Shouldn’t it be as sweet a beginning as any other?

While it’s true that love pops up in mysterious places and at unusual times, certain people are drawn to specific sites that suit his/her needs at the moment. The next time your friend says he met a woman on an odd dating site or your coworker is dying to tell you how she met her fiance on a racy app, be open-minded — it might be exactly what they wanted! Yet, be wise in which one(s) you join to increase your chances of finding what you want. Don’t want to rewrite the first few pages of your life together? Join a site that focuses on romance and long-term relationships. That’s what we are creating here at Peeksi.com – romance, love and a perfect beginning that you can share with everyone.



2 thoughts on “Which Online Dating Websites or Apps Stink to You?

    • Thank you for the comment, Aaron! Real love, the kind that catches you by surprise and lasts a lifetime, is waiting for us all. Give Peeksi.com a try, after launch…it’s revolutionary and romantic.

      Best Wishes!

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