12/21/2012: The End of What?

Will this be the end of life as we know it? Will this be the end of the “world”? Are you stocking up on candles, matches, and making mental notes of what to do and who to be with if the end is near?


My bet will be that nothing extraordinary will happen. But should we let this brush with “death”, our newly heightened awareness of what’s important in each of our lives and what we feel are the missing pieces on our road to fulfillment pass us by as the clock turns past 11:11 on 12/21/2012?


Much has been said about bucket lists and checking off what you still have left to experience or accomplish. On your list, do you have meeting the love of your life as one of your to-do items? Chances are, if you are single, you have some version of that “wish” on your list. And, as the ominous 12/21/2012 comes and goes, that wish of a love on your bucket list of regrets will transform into your New Year’s Resolution…unless you happen to bump into your true love in the interim. So, what can us single people do to make sure that the absence of a true love doesn’t pop on our next bucket list, when another day is heralded as the end of the world? I think for each of us the answer is as different and as unique as every single (no pun intended) one of us. However, for the purposes of maybe helping someone out there with my general advice, I will briefly mention a few a strategies to employ in your daily life to help Cupid find you.

1: Every time you are out in the world each moment is a chance to lock eyes with someone, so pay attention, look up from your device occasionally, and see who is looking at you. It might be the one for whom you have been waiting!

2: Before you step into the marketplace, why not do a once-over and make sure your mascara isn’t running or your hat isn’t grungy or that favorite condiment you used at lunch isn’t smeared across your cheek 😉

3: Life is full of moments that either become memorable or flash by. If you can’t recall many recent moments, however insignificant, chances are you are not present in the ever fleeting moment. Try to live in the moment and it will be easier for fate to find you. You just may have missed someone that had their love gaze directed at you!

Instead of focusing on the “end of the world”, how about the end of life as you currently know it? Make changes, real changes that stick and this 12/21/2012 or New Year’s 2013 can actually be a pivotal point in your life…2012: The End of Waiting for Love to Find Me or 2013: The Year of the Present! Be open, be present, and love will find you…

Warmest wishes for success in all you do, 

K.D., Founder of Peeksi.Com 


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