Weekly Writing Challenge, Take Two: Awakened


I look at this photo and I ask myself, “What do I see?”

“Do I see a happy couple embracing or a couple saying their morning goodbye?”

“What do I see in the background?” I ponder quietly. 

“Do I notice the bystanders? Do I see them as unrelated to the couple or perhaps part of their story?”

No…I don’t.

I don’t see any of that.

I know what my heart whispers for me to see. 

I see me. 

I see me before our relationship died its untimely death. 

I am reminded of the connection, the exchange of emotions, the comfort, and…oh, yes, those hugs that I miss so dearly. 

This image reminds me why my heart whispers for me to “see”.

It shows me the empty space within me I have ignored. 

My heart calls to me to be filled. 

This image calls to my heart to awaken me and shouts, “Don’t you want to feel?!”

A change is coming and I have been awakened. 

Thank you image…thank you for giving my heart a voice. 

I see love.

I see the old me. 

And, now…I see the new me.

What does your heart tell you to see?



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