Fill ‘er Up & Then Get ‘er Polished


Today is the day of love. Some believe that if you are single, today is a holiday day like any other, only reserved for those whose hearts are romantically intertwined with another’s heart. Bleh, I say!

That special someone doesn’t have to be a lover or partner. That special someone with whom you celebrate today can be YOU, another person, an animal companion, your relationship with God or Spirituality, and so on. A combination of many forms of love given and received from different sources creates our own overall “special someone”. Your love is far-reaching and touches everyone with whom you come into contact…whether you recognize it or not.

You, me, your neighbor, his pet, her daughter…we are all love and deserve to bask in the affection being shared today. However, if you take nothing else away from this entry, let it be this: Love begins with loving YOU. 

Loving yourself is what fills your heart. Love from others just puts the shine on it.

Spend today filling up your heart, and then…polish everyone else’s. 


Warmest of Wishes for Love, 

K.D., Founder of


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