A Blunt Response to Articles on How To Keep a Man/Woman


(Image retrieved from timboxreloaded via Tumblr/Dexter’s Laboratory; altered)

Why have I been unable to find a single “relationship” article that pinpoints what you need to do to keep your man or woman by your side that also ends with this piece of advice:

“Everyone makes mistakes in relationships. It is the wise person who can look at each conflict or impasse and see how it could have been handled differently, then apply what has been learned to all relationships in life. However, do not believe it is you alone that needs to change. We all could use renovation! Remember, the first step begins with you, but the journey to a successful relationship is taken together.”

Enough of the blame game! Please do not read these articles and go away feeling it is all your fault that a past relationship met its untimely demise. Maybe, just maybe, it wasn’t you. Or, maybe, just maybe, both parties could have done some things differently together. A relationship is about “togetherness”, and, when the adventure ends, sometimes that is also reached together. You can make all the changes highlighted in these numerous lists and the relationship may still end. And, if it does, look at it from all angles, not just your own as these articles imply. Work towards being a better version of yourself, while the person you share your life with is simultaneously working on the same goal. Maybe, just maybe, everyone can learn how to grow and be a better partner alongside another person who is working on being a better partner, too. 


Have faith and confidence in your love and in yourself!

Warm wishes for success in love, 

K.D., Founder of Peeksi.com

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