Weekly Photo Challenge: Lost in the Details – Two Images, Same Subject




As I sat with my friend here, I admired how this wonderful creature persevered through losing one of his/her major details. I thought about how strong you must be to not merely survive through it, but to interact with life after such a loss. It was then I realized that many visitors may have chosen to snap this very same shot, because of the missing detail. I realized that I was like so many others in that I was only noticing what was obvious and what likely attracted most to flock around this amazing fish, or, even worse, what possibly prompted visitors to pass him/her up entirely. Then, I took a closer look…beyond the details…and this is the beauty that I had the privilege of seeing and capturing: 



Warm wishes for finding the strength to see the beauty beyond the details,

K.D., Founder of Peeksi.com


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