Connection Beyond the Eyes


In a sea of faces, am I familiar? 

Do your eyes come into focus only for me?

Does the sight of me looking back at you ignite a spark? 

Has the electricity of our connection left a mark?

I will continue to ponder these questions when and if I ever see you again. 

Until then, my vision of love…


There are times when we all have made eye contact with another that stirred something within our souls. Someone we have peeked at and who has peeked at us. Right down to our core, we feel the warmth, the fire spread from the excitement of that moment. We see people everyday and only once in a great while does that spark occur. But, what do you do with the rare glance that leaves its mark on you?

Nothing. You move on, remembering that brief moment in time when you were present in the moment just long enough to have a pleasantly jarring and surprising experience. It doesn’t happen often. And, for some, it leaves a tinge of regret behind as the moment ends and more so when it is relived over and over again. “What if I had said hello?” “What if I had rounded that grocery aisle one more time and met face-to-face?” These questions are swiftly squashed by the response that you would have been rejected in a public, and, perhaps, embarrassing way. That is called a missed connection.

But, I ask you, what if you had the option to use the online sphere to reach-out to that very person with whom you shared a moment of intense electricity? Would you post a “shout-out” to that person in the chance that the very one you remembered so vividly would see it, remember you just the same, and maybe even write back? will soon launch a site that is set to revolutionize online and offline dating by adding an intriguing, exciting twist to the world of connecting and dating via a route achieved by offline-online interacting.  If you are in a relationship, then you may think, “well, this isn’t for me” and it isn’t. Yet, this is for those people you know who are still in their search for love. This will be an engaging, positive way for them to find their perfect beginning. So, remember, sign-up yourself up or convince your friend to sign-up for news of the launch, so then make a free profile and receive one free month to see who’s been “peeking” at you and/or your friend! We truly want to contribute a site that is positive, good, and loving to the world of dating and social networking that fosters a sense of confidence in one’s self, and you can help others test it out and experience the feeling of reading a post written just for them. Give the gift of love and real world connection…spread the word about!


Warm Wishes, 

K.D., Founder of



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