A Word A Week Challenge: Hat/Crystal’s Looking Fabulous



Some of you may recall Frosty the Snowman’s girlfriend’s name was Crystal. Well, here, Crystal is looking ever so fabulous donned with a burnt orange, woolen hat atop her cleverly fresh green hue hairdo that hints Spring is not long off. And, let’s not forget her coat crafted of the finest and purest white snow that does not detract from, but rather draws focus to her expertly chosen chapeau and coiffure combo. Frosty will be smitten when he lays his dark, smoldering eyes upon his frosted beauty.

If snow people can find love, can’t we all? 😉 Keep your eyes open with the vision of your heart during all seasons of life. 

Warm wishes for love that makes the cold bearable, 

K.D., Founder of Peeksi.com

Peeksi.com seeks to help you find your Frosty or Crystal!


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