Why Peeksi.com?


By embracing the written word to call out to the one who got away, Peeksi.com is being created to take back the days when the sensation of catching someone’s eye was the prelude to a long line of “what if’s.”  Forever gone will the be days of regret and never seeing that pair of eyes again.

Love at first sight, love in hindsight, and love regrettably lost will all have a home at Peeksi.com, along with traditional online dating, to bring you in contact with others that share your view of love as a search for the romantic divine and connection between two people.

Find your perfect beginning by discovering that extraordinary someone of your dreams through Peeksi.com. We are almost ready to launch…are you ready to have a post written just for you?

Enter an email address at http://www.peeksi.com to join the upcoming Beta test and give your feedback on this innovation in the world of online dating. Already in a relationship you say? Share it with family and friends and help them find the love that you already have <3.

Best Wishes to All,



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