Daily Prompt: Unleash Your Inner Dickinson | Freshly Pressed is a Stress


Since, for me, being “Freshly Pressed” does not come naturally

I find it a form of flattery

Far beyond my reach

I wonder if it is like the peach

Too high for me to grasp

Not certain it will last

Long enough til a ladder can be found

And I pray I do not fall to the ground

Trying as hard as I might

I give it one last fight

Maybe, WordPress will see

The post I have written for thee

As a peach dangling in the fresh air

My post is sitting there

Waiting patiently to be noticed

By those that give prose a quote-isted 😉

A little rhyming fun away from Peeksi’s usual topic of lovey dovey life ❤

Warm Wishes to all,

K.D., Founder of Peeksi.com




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