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The WordPress blog is about unveiling how love can be found wherever you travel in your daily life and how its upcoming dating site will utilize love’s most captivating moment…the first glance of love.

Recently, in addition to this blog, I have embarked on writing articles in a more traditional format that address common topics floating around the world of dating. I would greatly appreciate any input and all following of my writings on our WordPress blog and online. Some are fun; some are informative; all are __________ (you fill-in the blank ;)).

How to Meet Senior Singles

How to Forget Someone Who Has a New Girlfriend

Dating Habits That Women Dislike

How to Know if You Are a Backup Girlfriend

I hope you enjoy all that is created for your reading pleasure. And, the team and I hold the deep wish, tightly next to our hearts, that one day will be everyone’s first stop on their journey to find love, as we truly feel that that this will be a positive avenue towards finding love and, in turn, give everyone back their confidence in finding love naturally in their own time <3.

Warm Wishes to everyone!

K.D., Founder of


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