Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs | Pick Your Ride…

Pick Your Ride...

A warning that seems to point out the obvious…when I am 60+ ft in the air, I tend to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Ferris wheels are the perfect amusement ride for going round and round, reaching exhilarating heights while remaining seated and relaxed. This is somewhat akin to a loving, long-term relationship…ups and downs, but you can sit back and let it all happen, while remaining calm and centered together with a few heart drops along the way and always sharing the same ride. In contrast, a roller coaster is fast and jarring, the ups are eye-opening, adrenaline pumping, and the drops bottom out your stomach. When it’s over, your heart is still pounded, but you regret how fast it went by.

Love is an amusement park. You can ride all the rides, experience the round and rounds that may you queasy, furious roller coasters that send you soaring, then to a shocking drop, before it’s over in a hurry. But, one day when you’ve tired of the draining speed, the fleeting satisfaction, and the woozy aftermath…you will find that the “ferris wheel” is much more fulfilling and peaceful, leaving time for quiet closeness during the lulls between the excitement.

Find your ferris wheel and ride it for a lifetime with the one you love ❤

Much love to all,
K.D., Founder of Peeksi.com



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