Daily Prompt: New | New Love’s Lyrics

New Love’s Lyrics

New Love…

Heart pounds, energizes, yet relaxes all at once

A moment in time when we meet

Savoring the drawn-out seconds as we approach

Butterflies flutter and smash together inside the body

The embrace is its sole relief

Eyes tightly closed as two hearts beat in sync

The power of love melts the urgency and forcefulness of the clutch

Comfort comfortably sets in

Yet, interrupted by the thought that this moment in time will end

As separation nears, a wave of sadness arrives

Rising from the soul’s core only be released through tears

As the waters run dry, yearning builds once again

Another moment waits on the horizon

Heart pounds, energizes, yet relaxes all at once

May your love be as invigorating as “New Love,”

K.D., Founder of Peeksi.com




3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: New | New Love’s Lyrics

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