Awkward Moments in a New Relationship

Awkward Moments in a New Relationship

Your first tiff, an uncomfortable silence, meeting the family, you sporting a plumber’s crack (which is probably cute to your love), or being spotted (or sniffed out) while you are “doing your business” on the potty can each make you feel as if your poise and ease with a new relationship is slipping through your fingers. You have two choices — be prepared or be risky and wing it. But, as the saying goes, “Luck favors the prepared.”

Tiff It Out; Don’t Quit

Don’t give up or throw in the towel upon your first dispute. Tough it out — or tiff it out, as is the case here. For your first debate, try to stay level-headed and not say anything that you will regret or your sweetheart will never forget. No matter the topic, it is best to end the discussion until you both have had time to calm your emotions and reflect. You may feel the need to keep hitting on your point…don’t. When you are angered, you will come up with the best argument befitting a king or queen and you will revel in its delivery, but it just might be your last. Give your heart and mind a break, then return to the issue when you are able to see the situation more clearly.


As for uncomfortable silences, don’t feel uncomfortable. Admire the view of the person you love, think of something thoughtful to say, or simply enjoy the moment and take a mental picture for revisiting at a time you are feeling nostalgic. Unless your love looks distressed in some way, this may be a time to reflect on life, all the while sitting with the one you love. However, if the silence follows a tiff, let it be and don’t force the break, unless you have something nice to say. Anything other than a loving comment will most certainly lead to further unrest.

Why Hello Mr. and/or Mrs. Asks Too Many Questions

The first visit with your love’s family is usually uncomfortable with a resounding, “Aaaawwwkwarrrrrrd.” No doubt about it. If you are lucky enough for things to progress smoothly despite the drilling on your career, your future, and every other possible topic that pertains to you, then you, my friend, hit the jackpot. For the rest of us, prepare as you would an interview. Try to go over the questions you will be asked and mentally rehearse your answers, The more you rehearse, the more you will be able to interject clever and witty remarks when the conversation allows.

Aggghhhh! My Pants Are Down!

Plumber’s cracks are but one on the list of appearance mishaps that can occur, if you are not attentive to your presentation. Do a once over every so often, until the day comes that you feel comfortable enough to let you be you. Your love knows you and accepts you enough to introduce you to friends and, perhaps, family, so don’t sweat the small imperfections when you two are having a snuggle night. Yet, if you want to turn on the heat or show your best off as being your other’s date to a wedding, complete an inventory check to ensure you are not a mess. In the end, know deep in your heart that your sweetheart finds all your little cracks, tussled hair-do’s, and wrinkly sweatpants adorable.

Poop-Star on Deck

Let’s not get too graphic here — however, the last place you want to be seen is sitting on the commode with your undies down. Of course, locking the door will avoid an invasion. Though, keep in mind, a barricaded door won’t hold in the pungent funk emanating from the lavatory. A “fart fan,” also known as the bathroom exhaust fan, is your best bet. Flowery sprays do not mix well with that scent, unless you’ve found an odor neutralizer that is effective. While the usage of both options points to the obvious, it is much worse to not attempt to cover it up and wish you had made the effort. Don’t let your spirits go down the toilet along with the flush. Know that there will be a time in the future when you will freely announce that you have to use the restroom without having to worry that you will be faced with a shocked expression from your sweetie.

These are a sampling of what you will face. If you have any awkward moments to share or that you feel would be perfect for a part 2 to this piece, please comment =-).

Best wishes to you in love and life,

K.D., Founder of


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