How to Find Friends in East Texas

How to Find Friends in East Texas

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Not a typical topic for Yet, this blog is about getting out there and living your life for that’s when love will find you. New to an area? Consider these tips and warnings when heading out and exploring to find friendships in East Texas. Or, use this article as a guideline for meeting new people wherever you may find yourself. Who knows…you may find love along the way <3. Start your new beginning today!

Things You’ll Need

Map of the area
Pass to a recreation center
Gym membership

East Texas, Here I Come!

Being new to East Texas, as with any new location, you may feel overwhelmed with the prospect of creating a social network.

Relocating to a new area and making friends can be a tough challenge. However, it was even tougher before the advent of the internet to form a new start in life, especially in East Texas. Even in areas where there isn’t much nightlife, the Internet can clue you in on where the locals go. If that fails and you find yourself at a loss on where all the Texans are spending their time, there are tried and true avenues to meeting new people and finding friends, which is as simple as getting out and having an adventure.

The Internet Can Be Your Biggest Ally

Step 1

Consider visiting websites that cater strictly to your particular area and those connecting people with similar interests. A helpful resource website, known as “My East Texas,” covers all the ins and outs of living in that specific area. At, you can find events, attractions, and even historical points of interest to visit. To have more of a personal and conversational interaction, is a perfect place to go when you are looking to meet like-minded people that discuss their particular interests. On this site, meetups are grouped based on an interest, hobby, belief, or life structure. With a quick search, there are 23 groups ranging from as little as 10 members up to 215 members that meet within 25 miles of Tyler in East Texas. Visit a meetup and stay for a few minutes afterwards to ask someone where people frequent in your area.

Step 2

Another wonderful use of the Internet is to find recreation centers closest to you. Go to your town or city’s main website and there you will find locations for recreation centers, as well as a calendar of events for your community. There are several classes that recreation centers host for which you can attend and meet some new people, such as yoga, painting or writing courses. A gym membership is also a way to meet new friends and possibly a fellow workout partner. Also, visit an event website, such as, to find out where your next stop should be. If you get out and experience life doing things you enjoy, you are more likely to meet some new friends who share your interests.

Step 3

Examine your interests for where you might find like-minded individuals. For example, if you love spending time in coffee shops, find one that has a good local crowd and entertainment, such as Brady’s Specialty Coffee in Tyler or Goodday Coffee and Books in Kilgore. Depending where you are, East Texas hosts many adventures, such as horseback riding, farmer’s markets, antique shows, fishing tournaments, nature walks and well-known festivals and fairs, such as 39th Annual Fair on the Square in Huntsville and the Butterfly Festival in Jasper.


Wherever you roam, make sure you have a map with you. There are areas in East Texas where your cell phone will not have coverage, which translates into no GPS. Getting lost would not promote a continued adventurous spirit. And always remember that locals are your best resource on where to go, so ask an employee of a location you are visiting for advice on where those in your area tend to congregate.


When attending a new group or meeting someone new, be sure to stay safe. Meet in public during the day and tell someone where you will be going and with whom you will be meeting. Never meet someone that you have not known for very long one-on-one. Use your commonsense. If you are nervous about the venue or its patrons, it is best to shelve it. Also, make sure your cell phone is fully charged and your vehicle is filled up with gasoline before venturing out.

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