Love’s Transformation

Love's Transformation

When you find love, or should I write when love finds you, you are permanently transformed. You look to the other person for every moment, little or big, to share in its meaning. If you read a funny post, you tell the one you love. If you see a new commercial that makes you cry, you immediately get their attention as soon as it airs again. If you happen hear a song from your young and wild days, you send it to them so they can hear it.

It’s about sharing in your happiness, sadness and excitement. You even share the mundane, like how odd it is that so many of your socks have holes in them. You bond to another person by sharing. So, is it too poetic and romantic to say that love is created by one soul inhabiting two bodies?

Finding this type of love doesn’t happen everyday. If it did, it wouldn’t be special or transforming. Keep your heart and eyes for when it comes your way — you don’t want to miss it <3.

Best wishes for success in love and life,
K.D., Founder of


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