“Sorry, I’m waiting for my date,” she informs him. He replies, “I am your date!” She stammers, “Uhhhh…you are?”

The user you are chatting with may not look like his/her online dating profile photo...question is: do you? Image retrieved via ihasahotdog.com

The user you are chatting with may not look like his/her online dating profile photo. There are some images that should raise the red flag. Image retrieved via ihasahotdog.com

The Red Flags of Online Dating Profile Photos

For most, online dating can require you to go out on a large number of first dates to eventually connect with someone in a love-at-first-sight, chemistry kind of way. Over the course of your outings, you will realize that people aren’t always honest in their online dating profile presentation, specifically in the photos they choose to upload. It has become a cliché that you can almost guarantee the person you will meet for your date may only slightly resemble the user’s online profile photo. Here are some of the most common discrepancies you will come across in your search for love.


Beware of the oddly youthful online dating profile photos =). http://fun-webs.blogspot.com/2011/02/funny-and-cute-babies.html

Beware of the oddly youthful online dating profile photos for the age listed. Image retrieved via http://fun-webs.blogspot.com/2011/02/funny-and-cute-babies.html

  • The Unusually Youthful Appearance: Most people may shave off a year or two, possibly even five years, when crafting his/her profile age. Yet, it is suspicious indeed when you meet your date for the first time and suddenly time has raced across his/her face leaving you speechless and in a state of shock when you finally meet. If a profile states that the user is 30 years old but the photo shows someone looking in their early twenties, you can prepare yourself in advance that your date may have pulled a bait and switch. You were pulled in by the bait of his/her younger self and brought quickly to reality. Don’t fret. Be prepared, avoid the dumbfounded look, and give the date a chance. After all, everyone tells us to put our best foot forward!


Online dating photos can be a slight misrepresentation of the way someone looks or it can be way off the mark!

Online dating photos can be a slight misrepresentation of the way someone looks or it can be way off the mark! Image via Peeksi.com

  • Photogenic Perfection: You are scrolling through your list of hopefuls. Maybe, it’s your best options as determined by the latest algorithm. Whatever site you are using, you are quite likely to come across a profile photo that stands out among the rest as the most attractive person you’ve ever seen in real life or otherwise. A red flag should be blowing in the wind at this point. Unfortunately, many unsuspecting users fall for this trick. What you are actually admiring is either a fake profile setup to draw you into using the site on a frequent basis or a real user who has phished a photoshopped image of some obscure model and used it as his/her own. So, your final experience with this deception is that you end up with an empty exchange over a few messages that comes to an abrupt end (hint: fake profile) or a date that will top the oddest of those you have been on, thus far. If you manage to meet up, the only similarity you may find between your date and the profile photo is hair color. Sadly, the image in your mind of your idea of perfection will not likely be erased, even if your date with his/her true physical self could have been a keeper.


If your date shows up and doesn't closely portray his/her personal description, don't be surprised! Online dating profiles can be a stretch, but doesn't make the person a throw-away. Image retrieved via 9gag.com

If your date shows up and doesn’t closely portray his/her personal description, don’t be surprised! Online dating profiles can be a stretch, but doesn’t make the person a throw-away. Image retrieved via 9gag.com

  • The New Profile: Profile Title — “I just opened up my profile, so I haven’t uploaded a photo yet but you can read below and see if we might click =).” Okay, the ones that have no photo may seem like the toughest ones to crack, but the truth is there is little chance for a let-down. This, of course, is barring that the person doesn’t falsely claim to be a swimsuit model or a mixed martial arts expert. Remember, just because you have no clue what the other person looks like doesn’t mean that you may not connect on a deeper level. Generally speaking, an amazing personality will make anyone that much more attractive in person. One caveat: practice safe dating at all times, especially in this situation being that you do not know what the person looks like. Try to get a photo at some point prior to meeting and match it up to your prospective date’s profile photos on social media accounts. No, this is not weird. When you were considering dating someone way back when, you’d ask around about him/her. Well, social media now allows us to see a truer side of people than the unreliable word-of-mouth that we all fell back on years ago. Be safe, be your own investigative advocate, and give the faceless a chance, until the faceless refuses to unmask.


Some online dating photos aren't face photos at all, but rather a snapshot of the user's interests. Image via Peeksi.com

Some online dating photos aren’t face photos at all, but rather a snapshot of the user’s interests. Image via Peeksi.com

  • Biggest Fan Ever: This is one of the most scrolled over profiles on a dating website, second only to the “new profile”. Once a user puts up a profile photo that displays his/her favorite sports team, pet, or place to visit without a recognizable face in the mix, you take notice, but do not stop. Why? The thought here is that if a user is skating around showing his/her face, that person is either: A. married or in a relationship; B. wanted for some heinous crime; or C. a pirate sporting an eye patch. The population at large never believes the user is too devastatingly sexy to unveil him/herself for fear of being judged solely on looks or that he/she is a famous movie star. It is not intriguing to appear to be hiding something or to outwardly express one’s disdain of the “superficial” aspect of posting a face photo. So, if it’s easy to spot, what is the point of mentioning it in this article? For that pure random instance that the profile you just passed up belongs to the one person who doesn’t post a profile face photo due to feeling intimidated at being thrown into the sea of faces without a chance to stand out. Instead of giving this sunset or Denver Bronco emblem the benefit of the doubt, you may unwisely pass it up. So, if the overall profile leaves you smiling, take a leap and see if you click. If you do, ask for a photo and a name, then do your investigative work.



  1. Setup an email account that does not contain any personal information and use it only for online dating.
  2. Always, always, always conduct investigative work prior to giving out personal information, because the last thing you want is to get involved in a situation where your heart will be broken. If you don’t know where to start, there are companies that will conduct searches for you.
  3. Never give out your personal information or last name, until you feel safe.
  4. After you have all the general information accounted for, hit up the social media accounts, because that’s where you’ll see the photo montage of the ex that still holds his heart or the friend list filled with all shirtless guys or, maybe, the life of the coolest person you’ll ever meet!
  5. Always tell someone where you’ll be going and with whom before any date takes place.
  6. Leave the name of your date and his/her contact information for a relative or friend before heading out.
  7. Always meet at a public place, preferably during the day.
  8. Keep your phone battery charged in preparation for the date and know where you are going.


Peeksi.com believes that you can find your perfect beginning in just about any space, whether that be in the digital realm or everyday life. Still, no one can negate the impact that the online world now has on our lives. With this consideration, Peeksi.com seeks to combine the ease and familiarity of traditional online dating with something many have not heard of — missed connections. These are the random moments when Fate and Love bring your eyes into focus upon another’s eyes and you feel the chemistry in an instant. No words are spoken, only glances and a smile or two shared. After which, you go your separate ways knowing you may never cross paths again. Peeksi.com brings the offline moment online. What is so different about us and them? You are certain to have chemistry, simply because you already met. How many traditional online dating sites can promise you an instant connection? We can as our specialty is the missed connection. And our message to you is this: Keep your hope held high and your heart open as one day that special someone will walk into your life and it could be through a missed connection or an online dating site. No matter how you come into contact with that stunner or wish to pursue your dream of love and happily ever after, Peeksi.com will be there to help! Stay tuned for our launch coming soon!


A missed connection doesn't have to become the "what if" that haunts you. Peeksi.com is your source for traditional online dating and missed connections. Launch is imminent!

A missed connection doesn’t have to become the “what if” that haunts you. Peeksi.com is your source for traditional online dating and missed connections. Launch is imminent!

Best wishes to you in beginning your love story wherever you find it,

K.D., Founder of Peeksi.com




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