The 5 Secrets to Flirty Peeking vs. Creepy Staring

We have all experienced the feeling that someone is staring at us. When you turn to look, sure enough there is someone looking back at you. Not every one of these instances leaves you with the heebie-jeebies, so how can you ensure you don’t cross the line from flirty peeking to creepy staring when you see someone who catches your eye? Here are 5 secret tips to help you get your flirt on:


 Your Objective: If you see someone of interest, your objective must be to make eye contact and progress towards mutual flirty peeking. If you gawk, even for a small amount of time, you will undoubtedly be guilty of creepy staring. Once someone notices you looking, that person is immediately and instinctively aware of your objective, as if you have a sign flashing over your head. In an instant, you will either be looked at as flirty or creepy. In order to train yourself not to be a perpetrator of creepy staring, continuously practice by looking away each time you feel yourself staring at an attractive image and eventually you’ll automatically shift your gaze in the real world.


Peek Limit: The maximum allowable time for a peek is 2 seconds. This is especially true if it’s your first peek at the person. You may think that 2 seconds is a short amount of time, but try it out by counting as you look at someone and you’ll realize it’s longer than you think. That 2 seconds mark is the optimal peeking time in order not to create uneasiness in the other person. If you’ve gotten a twisted look in the past after what you thought was a quick peek, chances are you were looking too long and entered into creepy staring territory.


3. Quantity over Quality: You may take a few peeks with aim of making eye contact, but never one long look. Very short, sporadic peeks directed at the eyes are the key to flirty peeking. Just be sure not to outline a person’s body with your gaze to avoid being slapped with the label of creepy staring.


4. Exchange of Peeks: The exchange of peeks that leads to flirty peeking is a subtle dance of the eyes. Let’s go over how this process works, so you can be sure you are doing it right. You see someone you find amazing. You peek at the eyes. As soon as that person locks into yours, you immediately look away. Wait a full minute or two, and then peek again for no more than 2 seconds. This time, when the person peeks back, quickly look away with a coy smile on your face. If you’ve been successful, you should see a smile on that person’s face the next time you peek. You have now engaged in flirty peeking. Now, here comes the “however:” if you can’t seem to make eye contact after 3 peeks or a smile is not shared, it’s time to move on. If you fail to recognize when you need to give up, you most definitely will be swiftly convicted of creepy staring by the person you are peeking at or by others that have noticed your efforts.


5. Relationship Status – Single? Check!: If you are in a relationship, any kind of peek, glance or look is creepy. You may think that it’s not creepy, because the person you are looking at doesn’t know your relationship status. And, that person may not know, but you do and it’s a big deal. Not only would the person you are peeking at think you are creepy for looking while you are in a relationship, but so would your significant other. Flirty peeking belongs to those who live in the realm of singlehood and they don’t need tourists.



  • Not everyone you peek at will be receptive to your attempts at making a connection. There can be several reasons for this and few will have to do with you, so don’t take it personally.
  • Please, please do not be the creepy person staring at someone much younger or older than you. It’s unsettling to say the least.
  • Once you graduate to flirty peeking with someone, understand that if you choose to approach you are unlikely to obtain any contact information. Rather, be ready to provide your email address to ease the complex mix of emotions experienced in these moments. Don’t bother with cell numbers or social media account information as neither are likely to be used due to privacy concerns.
  • Being in the dating world means you must practice safety. One safety tip is to open a free email account that does not contain any personally identifiable information. This way, you will be able to keep your privacy while using the online world to explore any possible connections.

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4 thoughts on “The 5 Secrets to Flirty Peeking vs. Creepy Staring

    • Thank for the reading the article and for the comment Outstandingbachelor =)!

      That’s definitely a technique that can be employed in this situation. However, it helps to know if there’s any mutual attraction before approaching. Having clear chemistry and the resulting boosted confidence from the positive interaction tends to reduce the probability of rejection versus using the “cold calling” tactic.

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