Did We Hastily Jump to Online Dating? Part Three: Toss It or Fix It

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In the first two parts to this series, we covered each of the 15 steps in the flow of an online dater’s experience and then tackled the question of who is to blame for the failure of the current model. In this post, we will give you our solution and our perspective as a company in the business of dating, but that’s only half the story. To successfully end this series, we must enlist you to provide us with your opinion on whether the current model should be tossed or fixed and how our proposal fares. No one knows the in’s and out’s of online dating better than a brave, single person in the mix, so we want to hear from you!

Should online dating be tossed  to the wolves or should we fix it and try to help those seeking a lifetime love?

Should online dating be fixed to help all of us seeking a lifetime love in today’s technological society or should we toss it in the trash?

Fix It or Toss It?

How can we fix the issue that present online dating companies are trying to cover up? Oh…they are trying to hide it, too. Queue the prevalence of fake profiles, shifty experiments, the usage of the term “science” with no independent scientific proof, etc. We, as users, can all make a solemn swear to tell the absolute truth in our profiles, but that wouldn’t work as the profile structure isn’t setup to support it. We can throw it away, toss it in the trash and go back to the way it was before this began. Though, that isn’t the most logical call to action as people have fully integrated technology into their lives. So, what changes can we make that includes the online world, yet pushes people to be their authentic selves?

And Our Final Answer is…

We all seemed to have clumsily jumped over the rushing creek from the grassy, picturesque field of meeting one another naturally to the rocky terrain of online dating without consideration of what we left behind. What should have been created is a bridge between the two from which we could enjoy the view and benefits from both sides. Something has to emerge that provides the missing bridge between the way it was before with meeting naturally to online socializing. So, what is the final answer in fixing this broken model? We think we have solved it with what we’ve been creating for over 2 years. By combining missed connections and personal posts with a restructuring of the current setup commonly seen in profiles, Peeksi is doing something not yet attempted before by any other company and we are nearly ready to launch! Here’s a taste of what we’re doing:

Missed Connections

Missed connections are Peeksi’s most important piece to the puzzle in building that bridge between the way it was for our parents and grandparents to the way it is now with the online world. This section of the website represents the nostalgic days when fate played such an important part to meeting the person you were to marry. Love stories were borne of such happenstances. Peeksi gives you the space to reach out to the person with whom you have had the sparks fly when your eyes locked and your heart raced, but you didn’t take your chance to turn that “what if” into a connection. Are you thinking to yourself that you haven’t had any missed connections? We are surprised you’d report that, as Peeksi launched a questionnaire that found 74% of responders reported experiencing a missed connection. Even if you haven’t realized you had missed connection, the stats say you were most likely someone else’s missed connection. If you didn’t notice your missed connection, it’s likely due to the habit of burying your face in your cell phone or tablet. We want you to look up from that device to see, “Who’s Peeking at You,” and come to Peeksi to reach out.

A question that has come up from other Peeksi followers asks, “How is this different from the free forums?” With Peeksi, there’s no hiding behind anonymous posts on a questionable site that’s filled with explicit ads. We have setup it up in such a way so that you can be certain the person reaching out to you is the very one that filled your day with excitement, promise and romance. We bring the outside experience into the online world of Peeksi.com with missed connections, so you can throw away that regret and use the safety of online to explore what is possible.

If you are still unsure as to what a missed connection is, read through our blog posts and visit our social media accounts and landing page at http://www.peeksi.com. A helpful post that will fully explain the foundation of our belief in the power of the missed connection moment can be found here.


We know that in recent years the term, “Personals,” has gotten a bad rap, but we’re takin’ it back! Peeksi allow its users to upload posts that tell the Peeksi community the member’s wish for a long-term relationship. Yes, providing a space where members can find a long-term relationship is our aim. Peeksi is not being launched as a casual dating site. We honestly believe that with the inclusion of missed connections, which are akin to modern love letters coupled with the new profile structure, the Peeksi community will be filled with daters that are tired of games and wish to find love that lasts a lifetime. Hence, the new and improved version of “Personals,” done the Peeksi way, will be straightforward posts for long-term relationships.

Peeksi.com's profiles will encourage everyone to show who they really are, not some arbitrary online persona.  Image retrieved via Tumblr

Peeksi.com’s profiles will encourage everyone to show who they really are, not some arbitrary online persona.
Image retrieved via Tumblr


Peeksi’s profiles will be structured in such a way that brings you out from behind your mask. It asks you to create a profile that describes who you really are without the unending questions probing your psyche, which is actually the personality you are crafting by answering less than 100% truthfully — we all omit, exaggerate or downplay ourselves with our answers to those online dating personality questionnaires. Peeksi.com doesn’t want to know who you want to be, because that won’t help you find love and happiness. It’s the real you that will find long-lasting love. No surprises, no let-downs; a date that starts with a sigh of relief, because the person you are spending time with is the same as in the profile.

Within the down-to-earth profiles, there are specific components that address how a bond between two people is built and cemented. It’s the small things over time that can make or break a relationship and Peeksi profiles will help you get to the bottom of the small things. Peeksi doesn’t want you wasting time with short-term relationships that fizzle away as the everyday presses down and you are disappointed with who that person is day after day. Why change the structure of profiles? Anyone can portray their personality in a different light by skewing their responses on a questionnaire or by listing hobbies or interests they believe makes them more interesting, which results in computer-generated matches being a collective failure. Plainly put, no one creates their profile by explaining how he/she spends their everyday life, which is what you will be sharing if you get into a relationship with that person. To love a person, you have to be willing to incorporate parts of his/her life with your life and vice versa. For example, if you firmly believe fashion is not an industry but rather a vanity, you will not agree with a person who spends Saturdays sewing dresses as part of an aspiration to become a celebrated designer. Here’s the clincher: someone can write in a profile, “I want to be a fashion designer,” but that doesn’t tell you how that person spends his/her free time. Unless it is clear that weekends are spent creating dresses, visiting fashion shows and browsing boutiques,you will have no idea what you are getting into. Today’s profiles must delve into who you are when you are going about your daily life to give you your best chance at finding a compatible love.

Don’t Miss Out…

Soon, Peeksi.com will launch with free lifetime memberships available for a limited time. After this promotional period ends, it will be a paid membership site. Be part of this revolutionary community by getting your free lifetime membership before it explodes.

However, let us be clear before you join us on this road to love — Peeksi is being created to serve those who want the vision of happily ever to become a reality. If you are looking for short-term experiences, there are many sites and apps that can give you just that, but Peeksi.com will not be one of them. If you want to find a love that changes your life, Peeksi is the dating model you need to turn your dream into reality.



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