5 Tips to Find Love During the Holidays

Not having a love that fills your heart with warmth is never as difficult as during the holiday season. The prying questions from loved ones and sad facial expressions when they hear you still aren’t in a relationship puts the damper on the festivities.

At Peeksi.com, we believe that love is never too far from your grasp. The secret is: it’s not so much about looking for love but rather what you can do to invite love in.

Here are 5 tips to find love this holiday season from Peeksi.com:

  1. Out with the old. That’s right — let it go! Whatever difficulties you had in past relationships, don’t let the tough times give you a Grinchy feeling above love. Open your heart and your eyes to love, so once you see it you will be ready to let love in.
  2. Put yourself in a glittery package. It’s best to always be yourself and never overdo it, but you’ve got to feel confident. You wouldn’t give someone a gift with ripped wrapping, because you’d be embarrassed to make eye contact. Before you leave the house, feel confident in your appearance by going that extra distance to put a pep in your step.
  3. ‘Tis the season to be merry. Be happy. Everyone looks good in “happy.” A smile will draw people to you. You might, in fact, catch the eye of the person for whom you’ve been waiting.
  4. Know what you want. Your Christmas list may be filled with what you want and you may even have your New Year’s resolutions set, but you also need to know what you want in a relationship and a partner. If you don’t want to be with someone who smokes cigarettes, don’t make eye contact with the guy puffing away in his car. If you want a down-to-earth person, don’t waste your time flirting with the woman making duck faces at her cell.
  5. Baby, it might be cold outside, but stay. If you make a connection with someone at a holiday party, don’t leave without getting their name. If you lock eyes with someone at a store and exchange smiles but neither of you speak a word, remember everything you can about that moment and the person. Then, go to Peeksi.com to put up a missed connection post.

The holidays can be a time of joy and laughter for many. However, for us single people, we loathe the typical holiday party questions of when we are going to start dating, do we want to be setup on a blind date, are our standards too high, why don’t we get out more…well, that last question does have a point. If you sit at home during your free time, you aren’t likely to meet someone, unless you are active with online dating. Get out and about and give online dating a real shot.

At Peeksi.com, we believe that the devices in our hands are preventing us from making the real world connections people made before technology stole our attention. So, we merged missed connections and online dating for a completely new and revolutionary dating model never before created — and it’s free! Visit Peeksi.com and enter your email address to get on the list for our official launch.

The aim of Peeksi.com is to help everyone find love, so please comment below with any questions you have or share a story that might help your fellow single comrade.

Remember, keep your eyes open and see who’s peeking at you!




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