Blind with 20/20 Vision…and perhaps a little hard of hearing, too


Can you boast 20/20 vision in life? There are few of us who see clearly the lessons, advice, chances that life puts before us. How can we can focus on the here and now? How can we choose to deafen ourselves to the constant ramblings of our mind, so that our “vision” of life becomes our super-human sense and we rarely miss a sign? 

For me, I stop myself in the moment of what I call my “thinking rush”. I see this as the frequent times I am listing what needs to be accomplished; checking off what I have completed; and reliving conversations I had that didn’t go exactly the way I would have liked, while noting that if I had a rewind button I would push it and reword what’s been said. 

During the “rush”, I have lost precious moments in time. My vision has become so clouded that I have become blind to life. These times of blindness that we all bring onto ourselves rob us of opportunities of which we could have taken advantage. One of these opportunities could be a glance that was directed our way by someone that might have been our true love and/or had a positive, loving impact on our lives. Too often, we are in the “thinking rush”, blinded by the incessant barrage of thoughts to which we are listening, while we are most likely staring at our newest communication device. It is no wonder that many of us miss fate’s signs before our eyes and its whisper in our ears. This is the basis for my dedication to helping individuals regain what chances, love or otherwise, that they might have missed. Chances that have been presented to them in their everyday existence. 

Allow yourself the benefit of 20/20 vision in life by cutting down on the consistent white noise of your mind…you might just notice someone who is noticing you =).

Best Wishes, 

K.D., Founder of


4 thoughts on “Blind with 20/20 Vision…and perhaps a little hard of hearing, too

    • I agree! Love from afar is as personal as love up close. But what if you didn’t know about it? Would you benefit from the power of it, as the gazer did? And what if you could have a truly life-changing and thought-process altering experience from an interaction, but it was missed due to the deficit of simply not being present? Some will resolve to remain in the shadows for fear of the “what if”. Hopefully, can provide an avenue for those to capture the missed the moment and for those who need a way to “rewind and redo” the jarring snap of the now when their eyes met another’s, but words failed them.

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