“The meeting of…

“The meeting of 2 personalities is like the contact of 2 chemical substances. If there is any reaction, both are transformed.”-Carl Jung

It could be the slightest exchange and at that moment you are aware that either you touched their soul and they touched yours or there is no reaction whatsoever. I’m sure you have experienced this…? Try it when you head out into the world today. Notice what you feel when your eyes meet another’s. If there’s no reaction, no thoughts or feelings ensue. Then, try looking at someone you find attractive. If they look at you and acknowledge your gaze, I bet you feel the reaction shoot through your body. Carl Jung was an educated man that proved his suspicions through substantial research. Of course he was right when he made that statement! So, be present in the moment and see if you agree with Jung. Comments on your experience would be interesting to read!

Have a great day!

Warm Wishes to you everyday, 

K.D., Founder of Peeksi.com


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