10 Things No One Misses About Being Young and In Love

A pair of jeans Mom definitely wouldn't be happy about seeing in the wash

A pair of jeans Mom definitely wouldn’t be happy with seeing in the laundry

Young love is sweet, exciting, and new! A previous blog titled, Puppy Love, delved into that topic. When we dare to look back, most of us yearn for that head over heels feeling for another person. Though, even in our most nostalgic moments, we can all admit there are some things about being young and in love that you just don’t miss!

Here’s 10 commonly reported nuisances that people tend to recall as less than enjoyable and, in some instances, comical:

10. Having clothes and hands covered in inky doodles of love and initials (Moms love that)

9. Hiding the holding of hands around parents and adults (the young couple might have experienced sweaty palms, but barely enough time elapsed for a hand cramp to pop up)

8. Waiting for your bf/gf to show up, but they can’t seem to get a ride (no DL resulted in several complete let-downs)


7. Feeling awkward sitting across from your bf/gf’s parents at dinner (hmmmm…that might still be a problem)

6. Staring at the phone almost willing it to ring (grown-ups have better things to do ;))

5. Hearing from everyone else how your bf/gf feels about you (sometimes it proved to good news, sometimes bad)

4. Seeing your ex dating one of your friends only a few days after you broke up (can you imagine dealing with that as an adult?!)

3. Being told to leave your bedroom door open when your bf/gf visited (that could cramp your style if Mom tried that now)

2. Feeling embarrassed that you actually use the bathroom (“go to the bathroom AND use it?! Ewwww, no way, I would never!”…might have been more of a girl thing than a guy thing)

1. Experiencing your very 1st broken heart ='(


Let’s get the community thing going and please share ones that you remember or that were unique to your youth. It could be funny!

Warm wishes and laughter for everyone,
K.D., Founder of Peeksi.com


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