Are You Ready for Your Trip?

Hearts in Verona, Italy, on Valentine's Day

Hearts in Verona, Italy, on Valentine’s Day

Traveling a long distance from where you live can be daunting to some, a tad rattling to most. The mode of transportation itself can be a trial; the same as our checklist. So many things to remember:

Credit cards/traveling money-check
House sitter/pet sitter-check

When we are faced with a trip, even if our destination is one we have visited before, we have good reason to meet the upcoming change with partial excitement and partial anxiety. We have learned through past experiences with simply going to the market that we tend to forget things we intended to remember. Hence, the ever-important list. Learning from past mistakes and checking off important items allows us to enjoy the trip itself and the destination, despite our naturally-occurring nervous energy that stirs when we are faced with a new experience. So, what should our checklist be if we are “traveling” to the City of New Changes? Well, I guess it depends on what it is that you will change. Let’s look at a common one that we have all faced at one time or another, such finding new, long-lasting love. Our checklist could look something like this:

Snazzy new outfit
Matching shoes…of course
Stylish Hair-Do/Hair cut
Opening line ready to go
Script of how you’ll describe yourself when the moment arrives
A smile =D
Genuine interest in others
Willingness to learn new things
Desire to love and be loved

Then, there’s the unique “items” we each will pack based on our experience with previous trips. Here’s where it gets tricky. What you feel you need to pack in order to prepare for the worst could actually stop you from letting yourself go long enough to find love. A perfect example would be if we packed “hastiness”, as in too quick in judging a potential love interest. Now, would we actually pack “hastiness”? No, but it could be left-over baggage that sneaked its way in on our way home last time…unwanted souvenir, if you will. So then, should we pack “caution”? Yes! How about “deliberation”? Most definitely, love is an important decision, but it shouldn’t picked apart. Just be wary to take care and leave at home trinkets that remind us of a trip we’d rather not revisit.

Above all, never forget to pack an open mind and an open heart, because those are your identification and ticket to get in. And, while you are on this trip examining whether you should make the move a permanent one, keep those eyes open for opportunities coming over the horizon or take a peek from over the top of your cell phone ;). You never know if that traveler is looking for exactly the same change as you.

Best Wishes for Success,
K.D., Founder of


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