Thank you to my followers! YOU have helped this spark ignite into a flame.


The time has arrived for me to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support in liking and following the blog.

Nearly 6 weeks ago, I posted my first entry on WordPress. And I can honestly report that it left me with a queasy stomach and shaky hands quite rapidly after I pressed that blue, haunting button that mere moments before persisted in its call for me to finish the process of writing and rewriting. The intense physical response I experienced proceeded my fretful pondering of whether anyone would be interested in what I had to express or what I had to give to this space. I checked. I rechecked. I rechecked my “recheck” and someone had liked it…phew!

Luckily for my tummy and penmanship, your open arms and congratulatory handshakes delightfully symbolized by magnificent white stars and cherished plus signs have made me feel ever so welcome here. Indeed, I feel more received than I had envisioned when I first apprehensively stepped over the threshold into your creative world.

My blog began as a tiny spark among the brilliantly lit fires of WordPress. Yet, I am ecstatic  to report that thanks to each one of you the spark is now a flame. My enduring hope is to one day see this flame transform into a brightly burning fire as each of your blogs have accomplished. Thank you for the kindling and I will faithfully aspire to warm your heart and fuel new thought with my entries!


Warm Wishes for Success,

K.D., Founder of 


3 thoughts on “Thank you to my followers! YOU have helped this spark ignite into a flame.

    • Hi Lila,

      Thank you for commenting:-). I think I’m more at the stage of the journey when the cowardly lion started to discover the heart of courage that he had all along the way. Maybe, one fine day, I might earn my medal.

      All the best to you!
      K.D. ❤

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