Heart Hugging Life-Trotter


Truth is, being in love at any age is a wonderfully complex mixture of emotions, thoughts, and experiences that take you on life’s roller coaster ride. Most of us would gladly take the butterfly drops to experience the exhilarating peaks. As adults in committed relationships, we strive for those peaks to grow wider and the drops to become shallower, as your love deepens for one another. Whereas young love tends to run with the wind wherever it blows thinking not about what might need to be fixed for long-term success, but rather reveling in the enjoyment while it lasts. Maybe, the way we love mirrors our maturity on the path of life?

In a healthy, happy relationship entered into at any age, the good times should always outweigh the bad. The secret wish we carry over our lifetime is to feel another person’s love hug our heart, warming it, soothing it with care and affection with as little strife as possible. That’s what fuels our want for love. Mind you, this is not a want for someone to complete us…no, never. It is a desire for someone to share in our journey and for us to share in theirs, with love, laughs, togetherness, support, and arms to hold us when we need it. You may spend many moments with different life-trotters by your side to discover that their season in your life’s journey was only temporary. It could take a very long time to find a traveling mate that adds rather than detracts from the beauty of the trek…a companion worthy  to share your existence. Hence, you must take comfort in knowing that you can be absolutely happy single. A journey partly explored in singular silence gives us time for introspection and bonds us to ourselves. Yet, it is important to keep your eyes up, your mind open, and your heart ready, just in case someone catches your eye and you catch theirs. That someone could be your perfect complement or maybe their path is simply intersecting with yours and adding a bite-sized portion of a much-needed connection, during a lull in the expedition. Who knows what that someone will have to offer you or how long you will walk the same path together, but you definitely will miss out if you don’t at least take a peek.    


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