“She’s Everything” by Brad Paisley

Daily Prompt: Happy Happy Joy Joy

When was the last time you cried tears of joy?

The last time tears of joy fell this song was dedicated to a woman who was struggling to feel the love of her significant other. Hearing this song helped her to re-connect with the love she had hidden deep inside her heart. Lost love is never “lost”. It is hidden and locked away waiting to be released once again with that magical song or those heartfelt words.

Warm wishes for re-connecting to the love in your heart,
K.D., Founder of Peeksi.com


6 thoughts on ““She’s Everything” by Brad Paisley

    • So true! People often forget that they can ignite love at will with little “DIY love notes”, as I like to call them. It can be a song dedication, coffee waiting for your love when he/she stumbles in the kitchen in the early morning, a simple daytime check-in text, or even a kiss on the forehead before bedtime. And, that gave me an idea for article…thank you!

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