The Return of the Not-so-ideal Day


Do you know those infamous “not-so-ideal days” that creep up on us shortly after our day gets into gear? The world seems to be spinning around you and you can’t catch up. Everyone is looking at you like you have 14 eyes and starred as Blueberry Violet Beauregarde in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.” Worse yet, the frown on your face feels like it is stuck on with glue. And, forget the hair, the outfit, or presenting a cohesive facade, because it just isn’t going to happen. But why? Are we grumpy first or do we succumb to grumpiness after repeated failed attempts to get our day on track? Does the struggle to create a pleasant appearance change a sunny disposition to a sullen overcast or is the surly mood responsible for nothing going quite right? It’s the question of the chicken and the egg…;). Truly, it doesn’t matter which came first, because the day is screaming for a do-over.

Each one of us has a day here and there that we thank goodness is a rarity. And, it is the ones who love us at our worst and do not judge us (or, at least, reserve their judgement for their own inner-pondering) that makes us feel loved. They never turn their backs and they love us unconditionally. Family is a wonderful support system to remind us that we are loved no matter what we do, say, or how awful a day it is. Having a significant other who will love us, just as our family does, is something special to behold. Open arms, forgiveness that comes easily, and love that keeps us warm inside, even on days when we are cold and disconnected from the world, can take years to find. But, oh…it is worth the wait.

Unconditional love comes naturally, as does love itself. If you have been searching for a partner in life, keep your eyes open and your heart ready each and every day. For love knows not the difference between good days and not-so-ideal days. It will bring you that special someone who can see past the crazy eyes, disheveled appearance, and scattered mind, without any extra effort. Love will compel that person to look your way and feel that  spark of love-at-first-sight, even if you are in your comfy pants running hurriedly through the store. Your true love will see past everything that you can’t, because it isn’t the eyes that are being used to look deep inside of you. It is the vision and power of the heart.

Warm wishes for feeling love on your not-so-ideal days,

K.D., Founder of

~Find your perfect beginning with or help someone else find love naturally~


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