After the 4th…


There’s a palpable lull in the excitement when the 4th passes by. BBQ’s, family trips, and vacations give each of us our own private “holidays,” after our community activities have ceased. If you are without plans for the remainder of the Summer, try a “DIY Holiday the Peeksi Way” and do something you will never forget. It can be as simple as visiting that art museum you always meant to visit but never got around to it or it can be as big as taking a leap into skydiving.

Whatever you choose, resolve to create an experience, a memory, this Summer that will last a lifetime. Get out there and live love your life. What? Never heard of that before? Doesn’t make sense, you say? Well, it’s been written and so it shall be…”Live Love Your Life!”

Wildly Lovely Wishes to Everyone,

K.D., Founder of


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