What is a Missed Connection?

Does this sound like your missed connection?

Does this sound like your missed connection?

What is a missed connection?

There are two parts to a missed connection. First, it’s that random moment when your eyes meet another’s and your heart races. You steal a glance or two to see if your eyes connect again and whether he/she felt the same zing you did. You might even smile and that person smile back. Nonetheless, no words are exchanged. You miss your chance for whatever reason that prevented you from saying something. You can probably guess the regret that follows as you have certainly experienced this phenomenon at some point in your life.

What do you do when you miss your chance to connect?

Back in the 70s and 80s, people wallowing in regret over a missed connection would possibly post a personal ad in the newspaper. However, it was highly looked down upon to turn to the ads. Nowadays, we have become more open and accepting as to the many avenues in which the seeds of love can be found. You can create a profile with photos providing a summary of your interests and tell the world exactly the type of person you want to meet. You can even flirt or wink at a prospective love interest. It is akin to ordering take-out, except who knows if your order will ever arrive. If it does happen to show up, will it be what you want when he/she gets there? Online dating can show you hoards of people that may fit your specifications. However, it cannot tell you if there will be a spark when you meet someone for the first time. Face-to-face is the only way to discover whether you feel that surge of electricity between you and another person. If you have gone out on dates with people you met online, you know what we are saying is true. So, how can you be sure that it will be love at first sight or simply another online dating experience? You can’t. It is not possible to look at a photo and know if your heart will see what your eyes do. So, how about be opening to the possibility that the missed connection you regret — the one that sent shivers down your spine and kept you wondering what could have been — might be your one-way ticket to a lifetime love like your great grandparents shared? Some may say, “Well, that’s a grand idea, but how do I connect with a missed connection?” We’ve put the pieces of the puzzle together for you.

Peeksi.com has tackled the task of helping to erase the regret of a missed connection by bridging the gap between meeting offline and engaging in traditional dating.

Peeksi.com has tackled the task of helping to erase the regret of a missed connection by bridging the gap between meeting offline and engaging in traditional dating.

Peeksi.com can help!

At Peeksi.com, we believe in the power of “online” to connect with others. Yet, we also feel that hundreds of years spent meeting another person the old fashioned way cannot be wrong. So, here’s what we propose: when you are out in the world living your life, put a smile on your face and look up from that device every now and again — take a “peeksi” around. Love may have put someone right in front of you at the exact perfect moment to have a connection. If it happens to turn into a missed connection, Peeksi.com will be here to help you connect in one of the most romantic ways possible in our modern world of technology — placing a post to the one who got away. Similar to the love letters long ago forgotten, yet pared down to fit our ever-fast pace of today’s life with short snippets of text, romance and your perfect beginning might just be one post away. And, the very best part is that you may have a missed connection post written just for you. Could this be the answer to your perfect beginning and a love story that you and your sweetheart will revel at sharing with all who will listen? Absolutely! Now, aren’t you curious if that certain someone with whom you had a missed connection put up a post just for you for all the online world to see? Heart-stopping, right?! We thought you would agree!What an extraordinary way to start your life together…

What does a missed connection post look like?

Post Title: I saw you today at the game…my goodness, you are stunning =). We shared a few amazing smiles. How I wish I would have said something! Check out my profile and see if you recognize me. If you remember my smile, send me a message and tell me what you were wearing so I know it’s you. Maybe, we can watch the next game side-by-side. Until then…=)

Sounds intriguing…?

Peeksi.com has been working for nearly two years to bring you a site that blends missed connections in a format that may be familiar to some, as well as an option to engage in traditional online dating with a community of others whom are looking for true love. We are a short couple of months away from launch, then you post to that stunner you ran into the other day and maybe browse to see if one has been written just for you! Visit our landing page at http://www.peeksi.com and sign up today to stay informed as to when you will be able to search or post your missed connection.

Do not forget to sign-up or you will miss your opportunity to gain full access to the site during Peeksi.com’s promotional period upon launch!

Best wishes for your very own love story to come true,

K.D., Founder of Peeksi.com



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