Pickup Lines for Girls to Say to Guys

This can be a cute and funny pickup line to use on that guy you've been eyeing.

This can be a cute and funny pickup line to use on that guy you’ve been eyeing.

Pickup Lines for Girls to Say to Guys

Pick-up lines are the easiest way to start up a conversation with someone you like but do not know. Girls have much more free-range to deliver a wide array of pickup lines, whereas guys tend to come off as cheesy. Though, even girls can botch the most suave of icebreakers if she doesn’t decide what type of pickup line she intends to deliver prior to approaching her guy of interest. Ultimately, you can base the pickup line on the environment, the type of man he appears to be or come right out as corny and cute. Nonetheless, whether you lean more towards being blunt or slyly inconspicuous, keep a few in your arsenal to suit the situation.

The Obvious Pickup Line

Two obvious, no-brainerpickup lines are, “Hi. My name is ____ and your name is…?” and “I never do this, but I  think you’re cute and I got tired of waiting for you to talk to me.” In a study of 642 college students that focused on effective flirting techniques conducted by Keith Weber et al., it was found that direct introduction lines were well-received. Try delivering a simple, yet effective conversation starter that clearly expresses your interest and be  sure to make eye contact, while smiling, in order to come across as friendly and warm.

The Compliment Pickup Line

With the compliment pickup line, the person has the opportunity to enter into a conversation with you or politely  offer a simple thanks and move on. In his article, “Break the Ice: How to Talk to Guys and Girls,” on PsychologyToday.com, psychologist Jeremy Nicholson suggests making an innocent statement to put the  person at ease, such as, “I love your shirt! It’s so cool!” or “Mmmmm…the shakes here are amazing!” The key is to not follow the remark with a question. In this way, you will seem affable versus coming on too strongly, while the choice to engage in a conversation with you has been presented.

The Humorous Pickup Line

Try using a humorous pickup line to come off as clever and easy-going. You can comment on something funny in the immediate environment, like “Can  you  believe  how  tiny  these  chairs  are?! I feel like I’m in Kindergarten!”  Or, you can resort to the good ole corny, yet cute pickup lines. There are so many to choose from when doing even a modest internet search, so pick wisely. One example is, “I  bet  you  were  in  the  Boy  Scouts,  because  I’m  all  knotted  up  just  looking  at  you.” Other cute and clever pickup lines can like these: “You must be the square root of -1, because you can’t be real!” or “You must be my garden, because I really dig you.” Contrary to the findings of Weber that humor is not the preferred method in approaching a love interest, psychologist Geoffrey Miller reminds us in the book, “The Mating Mind: How Sexual Choice Shaped the Evolution,” we evolved as  beings whom are constantly assessing one other for how good of a catch we may be for long-term courtship. According to Miller, a sense of humor is a substantial indicator of mental fitness and creativity, so be playful and funny in your pickup line to make a good impression that appeals to his instinctual, animal side.

The Third Party Introduction Pickup Line

Another way to gain the favorable attention of someone to whom you have an attraction is to have a mutual acquaintance introduce the two of you. According to Weber et al., this appears to be viewed as the most appropriate  technique to approach a love interest among college-aged students. The benefits of such an introduction can be substantial, such as he can find out more about you once the introduction ends without the worry of how to slip him your number and, if the initial conversation fizzles, chances are the acquaintance will fill in any gaps. So, figure out who you both know and get the introduction going to finally meet that special guy. Remember, there are only so many degrees of separation that keeps you away from the one you’ve got your eye on, so start researching.

The Favor Pickup Line

A successful pickup line that asks the other person for a favor could be the best way to go. For instance, “Could  you watch my stuff for a moment while I grab my coffee?” or “I’m in need of a pen; do you happen to have one I  can borrow?”  are  both  effective  ice-breakers, according to Nicholson.  When a person helps out another, research has shown that the person granting the favor tends to like the person doing the asking. This is also known as, “The Ben Franklin Effect.” A famous 1969 psychological study conducted by Jecker and Landy proved that the following comment made by Ben Franklin was in fact a truth of social interaction, “He that has once done you a kindness will be more ready to do you another, than he whom you yourself have obliged.” In essence, positivity is granted to the recipient of the favor to a greater extent than to the one whom has given it. According to Nicholson, think of a way to ask for a favor to gain immediate affection. Yet, choose an opener that allows you to come across as intelligent and self-sufficient. There aren’t many men that can be won over by the “playing it dumb” routine, so don’t stray from your true self as that’s to whom he should be attracted.

In the end…

Stay calm, friendly and make sure to have a smile on your face. Not the creepy, “I’m forcing myself to smile, because I’m so nervous” face, but the smile that you would give to a neighbor who has helped you jump your car. Keep your mannerisms warm and inviting to match your smile. Above all, be sure to give him the space to decide whether he feels attraction to you. Allow him to prolong the exchange, so you aren’t putting on the pressure and coming across as desperate or looking for some sexual healing. Those “relationships” are like a flash in the pan and never amount to anything more than regret. No man wants to take home a girl who starts it out as seeming bargain-basement and easy to get. Think about how you would like to be approached and use that to form your ice-breaker. You never know where it might lead…maybe to your perfect beginning!

Best wishes in your next intro,



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