LAFS (aka love at first sight) is something we believe in here at Yes, there are naysayers on this subject. Yet, when someone says they doubt LAFS, it is because they have either never experienced it or a relationship that started in this fashion ended with heartbreak.

Staring and admiring body parts is lust, not love or LAFS. When LAFS hits, your eyes lock onto that special someone’s eyes and smiles are exchanged. The excitement generated by that instantaneous moment of connection is undeniable. If it was mere lust, the eyes would be the very last place you would look.

Oftentimes, you will let that connection pass by without speaking a word. Ultimately, you are left with regrets at what might have been. It is then that your brush with LAFS falls into the category of a missed connection.

Good news! specializes in missed connections and offline/online dating. Presently, we are working on an upcoming website that will lift the veil on these mysterious moments…forever gone will be the time of never crossing paths again with that stunner who caught your eye and heart.

Best wishes for success in dating,


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