Love’s Time Machine : Would You Want to See if It Ends?

 Love's Time Machine : Would You Want to See if It Ends?

If you could jump into “Love’s Time Machine” to see if your relationship goes the distance to old age or ends somewhere along life’s path, would you?

Quick answer: Of course! Why waste the time, energy, and love on a relationship if your happily ever after is with someone else? That’s a valid point. Yet, let’s look closer before we make a snap decision and step into the “plot spoiler.”

Are you not able to look back on a concluded relationship and say to yourself, “at least, I know I don’t want a relationship that…and I now know I would change the way I…etc.?” Can we all not look back and take away a lesson from the experiences we’ve had in love and life? Each interaction, each intersection we face changes us a little or a lot. In turn, we move forward ever-shaping our truths of what we want and what’s best for us.

Think before you wish away that experience that may lead you to your true love and give you an appreciation you may not have had otherwise.

Photo credit: Pinterest

Photo credit: Pinterest

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