The Weekend’s Design

The Sunlight Photograph by Lars van de Goor Retrieved via

The Sunlight Photograph by Lars van de Goor
Retrieved via

The Weekend’s Design

Each Friday offers the chance to design your weekend in a way that suits your needs and wants. This Friday, will you plan out your weekend with errands and getting the essentials complete to make next week a bit easier? Or, perhaps, you will plan a getaway that washes away the stresses of last week?

Maybe, today you should plan to open your eyes a little wider to all of this weekend’s possibilities. You could create your own little adventure that sears a new experience into your mind. Go down a path less travelled. Let intrigue guide you. And, during this excursion, life and love may just intervene by crossing your path with the path of another. A bright smile to add a ray of sunshine to your existence.

Be brave, live a life filled with newness and chase it with every moment you can spare and you could meet the love of your life!

Wishing you a fulfilled weekend,


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