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This is such an exciting endeavor!

We’ve put together a questionnaire that will help to examine the current state of dating, find out what kind of experiences people have had with love and dating, and further improve the dating website before its launch next month. Please take a few minutes to answer these questions and let us into your personal world of dating. Your feedback is central to us knowing whether what we are creating will greatly improve everyone’s chances of finding love online and offline.

If you’d lend us your thoughts on the Questionnaire, we’d be ever so thankful =)!

-Click the orange link above to get started-

Make your own luck in love with and see who’s been peeking at you!







4 thoughts on “ Questionnaire

    • We’re happy to give you the space to ask our readers questions for topics, other than those of a “saucy” nature =). Love your posts!

      Thanks for your understanding!

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