Thoughts on “The” Missed Connection Love Song: Do You Remember Its Name?

Did you guess the missed connection song, “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt? It’s an absolutely perfect song for describing a missed connection that could not have ended any other way.

Let’s quickly cover a few notable verses in the song and the video’s ending, which swarms of viewers commented about on YouTube. This is our interpretation of the song and video based on our knowledge of missed connections. After all, missed connections and online dating are what we do =).


  • The Other Man: Many think that the man she’s with is her boyfriend or significant other. Translate this to reality and that man could be anyone to her. He could be her friend, family member, coworker, or carpooler (cue: subway). There’s no way be sure. And, to be safe, it’s not a good idea to approach the person. So, he really is sadly stuck in this situation.
  • Got a Plan: When he says he has a plan, that phrasing could be referencing the thoughts swirling through his mind of how he’s going to approach her and how he is getting himself psyched up to go through with it. Alas, he lets the moment pass. Again, we support him not approaching being that she is accompanied by someone with whom she may be in a relationship. So, unfortunately, this scenario is doomed to be a missed connection.
  • A Moment: “We shared a moment that’ll last til the end.” We love this, as it eloquently describes how people tend to never forget their missed connections.
  • Never to Be Reunited: He says he can never be with her, but is this the way it has to be? Does a person have to live with the regret of the lost moment? Is it the regret of what may have been, the pounding “what if,” that makes this bittersweet or is it not having been able to at least make the effort? The man with her could have been her brother. That moment might have been the beginning of a “beautiful” relationship. Though, if the timing isn’t right, what is the alternative? Enter — we are working on fixing this for you with our missed connection and online dating site.


Many people wonder about the meaning behind the video, as he strips down and jumps off a cliff. Quite a few commented that it was meant to depict a morbid ending. While we cannot guarantee what message the ending was intended to convey, we can say that videos are more often metaphors for what is being described in the song. Here’s how we see it: him undressing signifies how he is preparing to approach her and, in effect, bear his soul to her, but as he lets the moment pass he consigns himself to sink into his regret upon missing his chance.

Why Did We Pick This Song?

This song by James Blunt centers on a missed connection, which is the very occurrence we are trying to address. is a dating site that “brings the outside in” — we offer a safe place to post missed connections combined with traditional online dating options, so you can be in a community of others that see love in missed connections and seek true connection. It’s time to change the fate of missed connections and add romance and excitement to today’s world of dating.

Now it’s your turn…

Why don’t you read these lyrics and watch video, then tell us what you think?

– James Blunt – You’re Beautiful (Video)

My life is brilliant

My life is brilliant

My love is pure

I saw an angel

Of that I’m sure

She smiled at me on the subway

She was with another man

But I won’t lose no sleep on that cause I’ve got a plan

You’re beautiful

You’re beautiful

You’re beautiful, it’s true

I saw your face in a crowded place

And I don’t know what to do

Cause I’ll never be with you

Yes, she caught my eye

As we walked on by

She could see from my face that I was flying high

And I don’t think I’ll see her again

But we shared a moment that will last to the end

You’re beautiful

You’re beautiful

You’re beautiful, it’s true

I saw your face in a crowded place

And I don’t know what to do

Cause I’ll never be with you

Lalala Lalala Lalala Laaaaaa

You’re beautiful

You’re beautiful

You’re beautiful, it’s true

There must be an angel with a smile on her face

When she thought up I should be with you

But its time to face to the truth

I will never be with you


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