Are Dating Apps Healthy?

A must read! This post is an exceptional breakdown of the potential impact of dating apps on users. Great job, Kerrie =)!

The World According to Kerrie

There are many apps you can get for iPhones from gaming, cooking, fitness, music and news but none quite like the dating apps. Sure, we must expect they are out there but some take it to a whole new level. Having never used them myself I can only turn to the help of friends who have accounts and well, use my own views on them  to create this article. Those of you who know me and maybe even those that don’t will know where I stand on this issue. I think they’re one of the worst apps ever invented.

I am not saying it because I don’t need and wish to use them or to spite others but I genuinely think it’s a downgrade in society. (Can I go so far as to say that?) It’s so sad that dating or rather flirting has come to this. I know there’s…

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