Did We Hastily Jump to Online Dating? Part One: The 15 Steps in the Flow of an Online Dater’s Experience

The jump to online dating from meeting people naturally happened quickly and with undesirable consequences.

The jump from meeting people naturally to online dating might have been a hasty move.

Do you feel something is amiss with the modern models of online dating and the online dating experience as a whole? If you don’t agree, you are in the minority or must be an employee of a current online dating company.

Perhaps, by covering the common experience many of us share, we can discern what has gone amuck. This is Part One of a three part series, so stay tuned as this issue is explored from the presenting problem to its logical solution. Let’s dust off the microscope and take a closer look!

The Flow of an Online Dater’s Experience

  1. You are ready for a relationship, but you aren’t meeting anyone . (Maybe, just maybe, it’s because you, like us all, have been spending a great deal of time looking down at that device in your hands rather than interacting with life and being present wherever you roam.)
  2. You summon up the bravery and hopefulness within you to try the modern way to meet someone — online dating.
  3. You choose whether to go with a paid or free site; a popular or niche site. After searching a little, you find one.
  4. You fill out a profile. Possibly, you are forced to answer a seemingly unending series of questions.
  5. Struggle with what photos to upload, become an expert at photo editing and pick the very best.
  6. Describe yourself. This tends to mean in such a way that it represents more of who you want to be than who you are in your day-to-day life.
  7. Sit back and wait.
  8. Inbox becomes filled with a few promising, some odd and some downright offensive messages.
  9. As you pick through, you discouraged by the lack of connection you are feeling to anyone.
  10. You decide to answer a couple, just to see what comes of it.
  11. Maybe, you select a one or two that you may consider for a date. Not likely, though, unless you’ve chatted with a great number of people. It’s a numbers game. The more you turn down, the closer you get to a potential first date.
  12. Finally, you go out on your first date. More times than not, your first date does not end up being your happily ever after. For most cases, neither does your second or third.
  13. You become disillusioned and wonder if maybe you should search for profiles that speak to you instead of waiting for people to find your profile. That doesn’t work well either.
  14. You decide to join one or more sites thinking that you may find with whom you connect on a different type of site. Again for most cases, that tactic doesn’t work so well either.
  15. Now, you have a collection of bad dating stories, so you start a blog ;).

For an our explanation on the reason behind the limitations and failure of the current models of online dating, please stay tuned for the next installment to this piece, “Did We Hastily Jump to Online Dating? Part Two: The Reason and the Faces Behind the Failure”. Finally, there will be a third part to this series posted in two weeks about how to logically fix this problem.

Before you go, do us a ginormous favor and comment with your answer to this question: Can you take a guess which of these steps we will point out as the reasons behind the failure of the online dating experience? (Hint: It’s more than one.) The answer: next Thursday!

In the meantime, peruse our blog posts, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and see our amazing collection of love pins on Pinterest under Peeksi.com. If you’ve got a few minutes, visit our landing page for what will be the space to go for a new model of offline/online dating created just for you love seekers at http://www.peeksi.com <3.

See you awesome, lovely people next Thursday!




4 thoughts on “Did We Hastily Jump to Online Dating? Part One: The 15 Steps in the Flow of an Online Dater’s Experience

  1. Hmm, I’m gonna go with No.7, Sit back and wait. However, I have personally, found that No. 10 is also a very bad idea, like taking a consolation prize…which, of course, is no prize at all.
    Stop by and visit me sometime!
    Happy hunting,

  2. Thank you for playing along with us and for the invitation, Silk! We shall reveal our point of view on Thursday, which will be based on the knowledge we have gained from researching the many facets and presentations of online dating. Now for that visit to your site…=).

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