5 Secret Tips to Finding Love in the New Year

change ahead

The New Year is a time for change. Try Peeksi.com’s 5 Secret Tips to Finding Love in the New Year! Image retrieved: http://architects2zebras.com/2010/08

5 Secret Tips to Finding Love in the New Year

This idea that one tick of the clock can transform you is more like a Disney movie than reality. Or, is it?

Many have been transformed by love in an instant. Once the midas touch of love has lit up your heart, you can honestly say that you will never be who you were before that life changing moment. So, will this be a new year with the same old you or will you find a love that starts a chain reaction within you that cannot be stopped? Do the same things you’ve always done and you will continue to get what you’ve always gotten. Try something new! Here’s 5 secret tips to finding love in the New Year from Peeksi.com:

  1. Dating with Peeksi.com: Well, of course, Peeksi.com will suggest dating the Peeksi way because that’s what Peeksi.com is — a revolutionary way to date both online and offline. It’s not about online dating or exploring online profiles nor is it about how to make a face-to-face connection. It’s about all that and more. The concept of online dating may be familiar to you, but if you’ve never heard of the intrigue that is missed connections it’s time you look into it closer with Peeksi.com. It’s quite popular and harkens back to the way our parents and grandparents met with an added touch of technology. Take a chance and bring the outside in with Peeksi.com.
  2. Look up from that device: When you are out, put away your cell, tablet and laptop. Engage with the world around you. If more single people stopped looking down at whatever device they have in their hands, missed connections wouldn’t only be on the rise more so than they are currently, people would find love more quickly. Love is there, but you’ve got to pay attention. Let’s put it like this…if you are at a music concert, you can’t connect with the power of the music if you are looking at cell every few minutes. Each time you look up, it takes you a minute or two to feel the rhythm. Life is the same way. You cannot expect to connect with its rhythm and see love peeking at you if you are disengaged.
  3. Be the best version of yourself: Some will say people don’t have versions. That’s false. You are different at home than you are work. You are different than you were 5 years ago. For the New Year, be the best version of yourself to boost your self-confidence and find happiness within you. You might be wondering what the heck that means — find happiness within you. Don’t make the mistake of looking outside of yourself to find happiness. Here’s the thing…if you aren’t happy with who you are inside, nothing in the outside world will create it for you. You must plant the seeds of reward for them to mean anything at all, such as with a promotion at work. And, what does this have to do with love? Happiness shines from a person’s core. If you are happy, others will notice and, one day, someone will notice who you also notice, too. So, try harder at work, give more to the relationships that mean the most to you, commit to a short-term goal and set long-term goals and find the sunshine on a rainy day.
  4. Look at the old with new eyes: While going to new places and having adventures is definitely a chance to find love in unexpected places, try going to your favorite coffee shop or your grocery store with the knowledge that making a connection there is as possible as while you are away on vacation. Once you recognize that love has and can happen anywhere, your heart will lighten with the possibility that love may be around that same corner you’ve turned a million and one times.
  5. Be safe with yourself and your heart. Sometimes, you may “see” someone that love never intended for you to see. In an effort to find love and end the period of loneliness, you may begin a relationship that will not go anywhere. If a relationship brings out the worst in you or you are not supported in being your authentic self when you are with that person, you may have given your heart to the wrong relationship. It’s okay! It happens to everyone. So, don’t rush into anything. The sparks may fly, but you have to discern whether those sparks are from two hearts connecting or your own heart being lit on fire at the prospect of falling in love. We can all fall in love with love, so protect yourself and your heart to avoid getting hurt.

In Conclusion

Online dating isn’t for everyone, just like getting up the courage to smile at someone isn’t for everyone either. Peeksi.com gives both, so you can find a love that fits for you by bringing the outside in.



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