Love is Out There

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You need the right tools to be successful in dating.
Let’s look at an example that makes this crystal clear.
If you were going out to sea and could have any boat you wanted, what kind would you choose?
  1. Would you trust your life to a tiny dinghy boat that could be toppled at any moment?
  2. Would you choose a yacht that could break through the waves with ease?
Exactly. You want a vessel that would keep you above waterline.
Online dating sites with their 500 profile questions, computer-based matching and high price tags are the dinghy boats. You are bashed by  waves of disappointment, rejection and depleted bank accounts until you finally let go of the idea that love is on the horizon. is the yacht. It makes dating easier. The profiles are straightforward and take a little forethought (look, you’ve got to put some effort into it), but require much less of your time than answering a tiring questionnaire. Then, you are free to get out there and see who’s peeking at you. By combining missed connections and online dating options (for free), you can meet in person then go online to explore the connection or meet online then test the chemistry in person. 
Don’t sink into the dating abyss. You can have a free all-access lifetime membership with

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