Relationship Problems with Your True Love



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Relationship Problems with Your True Love

Oops, did I burst your bubble about the relationship perfection you expect to have with your true love? Apologies all around, but let’s face the truth: all relationships have problems. No matter how strong the emotions, explosive the fireworks, or how well you two get along, there will be issues that you will face together similar to other couples whose matches were also made in heaven.

Yet, relationship knowledge is power. The more you know about what’s coming, the better equipped you will be to avoid feelings of resentment and loneliness and lingering doubt about whether this is the person you are meant to be with. To help you prepare, here are 3 of the most common relationship problems:

1. Too much time spent looking at the phone 

Couples feel more isolated from one another than ever because too much time is spent looking away from each other rather than talking, cuddling, or sharing in something together. When you are supposed to be spending quality time with your partner, don’t look at your phone, unless it’s an emergency. Be present to show you are still interested and care.

2. Money, money, money

Life is about the moments that stir our souls, not our pockets. Work to live, but don’t live to work. And, most importantly, don’t spend big without first talking to your partner. Making financial decisions alone for the both of you leads to disconnection and damages a sense of trust. Be open, communicative and work together as a team.

3. The bed isn’t a rockin’ 

All relationships slow down in the intimacy department. Why? Life can be tiring and stressful. You may handle the ups and downs better than your partner. Maybe, you are the kind of person that needs a lot of down time. Whatever the case may be, you noticed the issue so it’s okay for you to turn up the heat. First, reconnect on a date. Have dinner and share some laughs, but don’t talk about unresolved issues — this is a time to ignite the flame. Then, spice it up by being the one to initiate the intimacy and don’t be shy to get creative. If #1 and #2 didn’t quite work, talk about how long it’s been this way, how the lack of intimacy makes you feel, and why your intimacy together is so special to you — in that order so you end on a positive note. Finally, repeat #1 and #2. After seeing and hearing how much you miss and love being close, your partner may now be on the same page and eager to show the love.

These are only but a few of the problems you will likely face, because all relationships require work. You will not find anyone who will bring you the smooth sailing relationship you envisioned when you dreamed of your true love. Rough seas make a strong sailor, so share the wheel with your partner, work through your problems not against them, and fortify your relationship with love, patience, and understanding. If it’s written in the stars (and you both worked on the relationship really hard), your relationship will weather the storms.

And, in a pinch, when times get almost too tough to handle, look into your partner’s eyes and remember how you first felt when you fell in love. That connection will always be there waiting for you to discover the butterflies again; you just need to embrace the memories and let go of the problems that common problems cause.

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