WooHoo! People are Joining Peeksi.com!


WooHoo! People are Joining Peeksi.com!

It’s been a long road from the idea to development to launch of this revolutionary dating site. While it has only two members — that’s right, I said “two” — I’m super hero excited about it. You might be wondering two things:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Why in the world would you care about two members anyway?

I’m the founder of Peeksi.com and why I started this dating website is simple. I saw people who needed a better way to find their missed connections without the anonymity and singles needed a dating site that’s built on real chemistry with a community of people who share the belief that love can happen at first sight if you would only believe in it. Now, let me explain why two members is a monumental moment for me.

I’ve been worried that people won’t join a site that doesn’t have any profiles and that I’d have to spend big marketing bucks for a handful of members.

Many have said to me, “Buy profiles like the big companies do,” “Hire employees to create fake ones,” and, the worst of them all, “You’ve got to fake it before you make it.” Ugh. No. No way. And I’m not buying into it.

Dating sites are supposed to help people find love, which is one of life’s greatest gifts. Sure, Peeksi may grow faster filled with tons of profiles created to lure in real members, but those very first members are being tricked by the fake profiles. Maybe they are even being hurt by them.

Imagine this: You see a profile you like, so you message that person or maybe they message you (it’s a baiting tactic to get you to believe the site works). Then, you exchange one or two messages before it abruptly ends. Or, perhaps you message 3 special someones and never hear back from any of them.

What if these profiles are fake but you think they have been created by real people? What happens when you aren’t haven’t any luck finding someone who is truly interested in you and others won’t even write you back all the while you don’t know there aren’t real people behind these profiles? Then, you begin to wonder if you’re the problem when the truth may be that you have been chatting with an employee of the dating company or sending messages to fake profiles. Am I the only one who thinks that’s just plain wrong?!

In the end, I have hope that Peeksi can make it, because it will grow on its own without the slight of the hand, magician trickery that so many other dating sites use but never admit to. In fact, there’s a few who have been caught and called out for it. Do an internet search and find out for yourself. You might just find more than one high priced dating site engages in these shady practices. Well, you won’t ever find Peeksi on that list.

For now, Peeksi will see slow growth, but it’ll be real growth. And, doesn’t that count for something?

Today, it’s two members, tomorrow it’s 10…? Maybe…hopefully — but whatever happens I’m happy to share this journey with you and keep working on this website to help people find their missed connections and a fireworks kind of love that lasts a lifetime.

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