No matter how high we build them to shield us from the outside world…the light will always shine in to warm us and regenerate our being. 

No matter how solid we build them…there will always be cracks of which we can peer out or others can sneak a peek in. 

No matter what color we paint the fence…it is always clear that it is a dull representation of the colors in life.

No matter what material it is built out of…at night, the fence disappears and we can be at one with Nature, while avoiding life, and feed into our inner-introvert. 

No matter how we use our fence (e.g. for protection, for privacy, for appearances, for conformity)…there will always be a gate to allow us to leave and experience life on our own terms or allows others in for a visit. 

What are your fences built out of? Can you see through the cracks from a distance or is it so closed off that you can’t see much of anything, which allows you to go about your business missing out on life for great spans of time…lost in your own space? Do you have a gate that you keep open for guests and shut when you feel vulnerable or is that gate rusted  shut from barely opening?

Fences can be torn down and rebuilt to suit our needs. They serve the essential necessity  of allowing us to retreat when we feel exposed. Yet, fences can keep us from the world and stop us from living in it, as we can succumb to using it as a crutch to avoid life. Take a look at your fence…rethink its construction…rethink your gate…maybe it’s time for a renovation!

Happiness and a wish to find your truest love to each one of you!

Warm Wishes, 

K.D., Founder of Peeksi.com


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